Campaign Jake

Chapter 1: Comatose 10

Session 10

Amrahil grabbed himself a new shield from the blacksmith before heading towards the Three Kings Monastery with Shashka and Malik. There they met priestess Layana, who introduced them to the neutral-aligned practices of Pharasma and invited them to partake in their daily worship. After the 30-minute service, Amrahil inquired about Bishop and asked to see any records on him. They discovered his real name was Gewis and he lived in the monastery. They stayed the night in the monastery. Meanwhile, Tru, still divided from the group, had been making friends at the Summerset Hunt and persuaded two hunters to accompany him to explore a shack. After a nights rest, Tru made for the apothecary to prepare, but unexpectedly ran into Amrahil, Shaska, and Malik who were heading to the library. Tru tried to duck away, but it was too late as they already locked eyes. After a heartwarming catch-up session, they reunited at long last and Tru prepared some potions at Minstrel's. Leading everyone to Summerset Hunt where Eromin and Michael-George were waiting to go, they grabbed some horses and made for the forest. Arriving once more at the goblin lair, they combed through looking for signs of something more, Tru seeing the place for the first time. Fine jewelry was found and they took as much as they could hold, all the while Eromin looked rather surprised the place was down there as he believed he knew every blade of grass in the forest. Their way was assuredly blocked, as expected, by the earlier ceiling collapse which was now a field of stone and rubble. However, Shashka's keen sense caught the sound of voices across the wreckage and down a hallway. They carefully decided to climb across and discovered two voices down an opposite hallway. With effort, they managed to clear a way down the hallway revealing three figures illuminated by a single torch in the distance. Of course, Malik had no issue seeing who they were through the dark. Standing there was the hobgoblin that escaped with Lee, Aldon the Vampire, and Bishop who was badly burned. Although Shashka could not see as well, she had no time for games; her arrow would find out who was there. After a dim battle, Malik had slain Bishop, though, Shashka would have liked him alive, and Aldon fled out a back door. Pursuit seemed possible, but Tru seemed more concerned with the lair. He sealed himself inside with Eromin but returned after several moments and sparked a heated debate with Malik . . .



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