Campaign Jake

Chapter 1: Comatose 11

Session 11

As the argument between Malik and Tru fizzled out, a warm breeze blew through the forest's coniferous trees and everyone caught sight of a female elf walking towards them through the trees. She appeared in the clearing as Tru ordered her stop. Her name was Lilith and she seemed to have both a strong connection with and concern for the forest having been traveling for some time. For Tru, however, something about her just reminded him of birds, and naturally, he found no trust in her. Standing in the back, Malik shortly after sensed another presence approaching from behind, near the shack, and he darted off to find a shady half-elf skulking about the shack. Their eyes locked as the half-elf drew two razor-sharp scimitars in defense. Malik seemed to hit it off with the guy until he refused to drop his weapons and Mailk was forced to draw his own. After considerable time, however, Lilith was invited to join the group, and the half-elf, Caspen, continued on his way. Returning to Summerset, Shashka, Tru, Malik, Lilith and Amrahil headed for the library only to be interrupted by an indescribable sight as an unnatural purple brightness filled the entire sky. They had a hunch they may find more at Gilliams, and so they raced there. They rushed to the basement and found the rune circle glowing with energy once more, but in a different way. Tru unexpectedly turned and bolted back outside, returning moments later with Wynna who joined to study the circle. Fascinated, Wynna asked Tru to offer her a magical item; anything would do. Tru handed her a piece of alchemical material and she snatched it up, tossing it quickly into the rune circle. The circle illuminated and instantaneously masses of bone clusters burst from its perimeter in random directions, knocking most everyone back and impaling Wynna . . .



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