Campaign Jake

Chapter 1: Comatose 2

Session 2

The road bent and turned as you blindly backtracked through the vale. As jungle faded into woodland, you began to encounter others using the pathway, though the way was long by foot. Soon enough, city gates appeared as Summerset came into view. Warnings of strange happenings granted you entry, and odd postings seemed to be pinned up on every corner. The town bustled with life and energy; shops and lively markets all around, but still, a weary undertone filled the streets. A stop at the monastery provided a means of rest and information for some of you, while others chose a traditional inn. Information on your appointed contact was gathered quickly leading you into the slums to a boarded-up home. Knocking on the front door seemed ineffective, so the obvious alternative of violently breaking down the cellar door closely followed. A man then came, and led you to the basement to reveal a mysterious marking matching your artifact, but the purpose was unclear. You recalled a clue in the town square and followed the lead to unveil an ancient inscription. However, this inscription proved most difficult, spanning multiple days worth of study. At night, townsfolk gather in the center of town to rave about an evil within their walls. What does this inscription mean? Who are these radical townsfolk? Where has Malik gone? Tune in next time for another pretty good episode of Campaign Jake!



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