Campaign Jake

Chapter 1: Comatose 4

Session 4

Split up, Malik and Amrahil pursued the town guard and eavesdropped to learn more about what was raising such alarm. They learned what they could and headed off toward the best lead they had as the rest of the team appeared in the square and quickly followed behind. Walking down the moonlit street, a mob of people rushed by as you noticed a suspicious figure. Tru paid no mind to this however, and made his leave. You followed a trail leading through a passage out of the city into the wild as Tru bartered transportation out of the city. He soon was ambushed and fell victim to the night. Meanwhile, you all split once more, each covering different objectives in the woodland. Shashka and Amrahil fell into trouble, but Malik made it back in time to be of aid. What the heck is going on? What is alchemy? When will things begin to fall into place? Find out next time on another enticing episode of Campaign Jake!



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