Campaign Jake

Chapter 2: A New Land 1

Session 12-14

Caspen hit some gambling tables with tough odds before wandering around town and eventually spotting a familiar group looking to leave town. With a good bit of luck, Caspen convinced the party he was worthy of their company, and they graciously welcomed him to the group. They then purchased two horses, Shadow and Misty, and struck a deal with Ritus for 4 additional horses at 4gp/day each, trusting they would return them. Leaving Summerset, the party ventured north along the forest path before Shashka found an adjacent trail seeming to match a goblin route on the goblin map they found in the cavern beneath the shack a few days earlier. The hidden path lead them for a few hours before opening up at a clearing where an apparent goblin camp appeared. After slaying the goblins in the camp, a nearby cage was found to be holding 3 victims: Lady Kireetha of The House of Aragoth, Patrick of The House of Aragoth, and a Dragonborn fellow who revealed himself to be Tiberius Stormwind who was sent along with a team from Tera to investigate the strange phenomena in the West. The party decided it best to escort Kireetha and Patrick back to Summerset, however, Tru opted to follow Tiberius, marking the trees so the others could find him later. 



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