Shashka Avy'yar

Hunter and trapper from a remote northern tribe.





Shashka was born into an unforgiving, untamed wilderness. Hardship is all she has ever known. Without the support of her tribe, she would have quickly succumbed to the elements. Her life has emphasized the need to be strong and the need to survive.

This struggle against nature is echoed within her moral code:

  • The strong will live, and the weak will die. Nature has claimed many lives. For Shashka, death is an end, not a beginning, and the struggle to live is something to cherish. She respects those who have overcome great suffering, and chooses not to dwell on those who have failed.
  • Death is unavoidable. Once your body has grown weak and frail, you must accept that soon you will die. In her tribe, the old do not wish to burden anyone, and will perform a “long walk.” Of their own volition, they leave the tribe and walk in one direction, until they die of cold, or wild animals. They accept their death with open arms, and do not fear it. Shashka knows she will die, and that others will die. She doesn’t worry herself over “what ifs.”
  • Good and evil are irrelevant. Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people. The wild nature of the world has no bias to good and evil. Shashka rejects the idea of karma; that the universe will reward or punish according to a moral law. If horrible acts are to be stopped, it requires the action of people, not gods.
  • Alone isn’t always the best strategy. Being raised in a tribe, Shashka understands the benefits of altruism, of working together. Survival can ultimately depend on the support of others, family or friend. Although she greatly respects the ability to survive alone against overwhelming odds, she isn’t ashamed to seek help when it’s needed.
  • The tribe comes first. Since working together is crucial to survival in an unyielding wasteland, Shashka is loyal to her tribe. The tribe protects her and provides what she needs to live. In return, she offers her skills to help in any way she can. She is greatly attached to her friends and family to the point that she will forgive evil deeds so long as it isn’t affecting the people she cares about. If a member of her tribe were to kill a stranger, she would find it easier to look past it. However, the same person killing her friend or her family would be unjustifiable.
  • The needs of many outweigh the needs of the few. Although Shashka has no will to do good acts for the sake of it, she does believe in a will to survive. Together, more survive than acting alone. It is better that a larger number of people survive. If you are in a social group, such as a tribe, she believes you must accept that your individual needs are lesser than that of the entire group. In this way, she can be perceived to be acting in a morally good way, but for vastly different reasons.

TL;DR: Shashka is basically a realist, who values survival above all else. She practical rather than idealistic, with a lawful neutral alignment. She is loyal to her tribe, friends, and family foremost.

Shashka Avy'yar

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