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Campaign Introduction
Before We Play

Jake is a land you have never been to. In fact, you've never met anyone who has ever gone there. You also don't know much about it albeit a map you have of the land. You've heard it is somewhat of a privilege to go there. Jake's kingdoms have strict treaties with the other kingdoms in the world to allow very limited access from outsiders, but that's about all you've heard. One day, you find a specific reason to go to Jake. Perhaps for a work opportunity, or something else (you'll have to decide for yourself why you're going there) and you've managed, with great difficulty, to barter passage on a sailboat. You're now sailing east towards the western coast of Jake, to the port city Vineyard Sophia!

Chapter 1: Comatose
Session 1

You’ve awakened in a moving horse-drawn wagon of wood and iron steadily trotting through an unknown serene jungle night. Prisoners of some unsure means, your head throbs as you’re unable to move or speak for several minutes. You sense others around you with similar fortune as you fail to recall what led you here. Last you can remember, the shimmering shores of western Jake were on the horizon. Things come in to focus as you notice a fellow prisoner unbind their own shackles and slip you a key, but this moment is short-lived as a purple light fills your surroundings and abruptly cuts your journey short with a distant burst followed by a deafening shock wave. The wagon violently topples over while crossing a river bridge, sending many of you spilling out over the edge. Luck honors you as all survive the crash, leaving only a half-dozen guards to deal with. They are made short work of as the helpful prisoner from earlier reappears and demonstrates surprising combat skills in your aid. She reveals herself to be young woman and takes a strong interest in your attempts to use magic. However, her preoccupation calls her to leave, but not before tossing you a strange artifact and pointing you in the direction of Summerset to meet an apparent friend of hers. Who is this woman? Why have you been made prisoners? Where has your memory gone? Tune in this Sunday for another exciting session of DragonBall Campaign Jake!

Chapter 1: Comatose 2
Session 2

The road bent and turned as you blindly backtracked through the vale. As jungle faded into woodland, you began to encounter others using the pathway, though the way was long by foot. Soon enough, city gates appeared as Summerset came into view. Warnings of strange happenings granted you entry, and odd postings seemed to be pinned up on every corner. The town bustled with life and energy; shops and lively markets all around, but still, a weary undertone filled the streets. A stop at the monastery provided a means of rest and information for some of you, while others chose a traditional inn. Information on your appointed contact was gathered quickly leading you into the slums to a boarded-up home. Knocking on the front door seemed ineffective, so the obvious alternative of violently breaking down the cellar door closely followed. A man then came, and led you to the basement to reveal a mysterious marking matching your artifact, but the purpose was unclear. You recalled a clue in the town square and followed the lead to unveil an ancient inscription. However, this inscription proved most difficult, spanning multiple days worth of study. At night, townsfolk gather in the center of town to rave about an evil within their walls. What does this inscription mean? Who are these radical townsfolk? Where has Malik gone? Tune in next time for another pretty good episode of Campaign Jake!

Chapter 1: Comatose 3
Session 3

The puzzling inscription continued to prove the most diabolical adversary you’d ever faced. You can only imagine what cruel sadist crafted such an unbreakable code. Not a book in the library even makes mention of such a thing. Luckily, a quick trip to Giliam’s solved everything and the mysterious marking on the basement floor grew with light and energy, renewing a recently forgotten force within you. Giliam revealed a few of his own secrets following this event. Returning to town, a crowd had gathered in the square around the center statue, but something else also drew their eyes. After regrouping, a second trip to Giliam’s was necessary and the remainder of the group performed the ritual, only, something was different this time. Giliam then gifted the contents of a hidden chest to whoever wanted it. What will you do next? Where will you go from here? Why am I asking you all these questions? Find out next week on another very good episode of Campaign Jake!

Chapter 1: Comatose 4
Session 4

Split up, Malik and Amrahil pursued the town guard and eavesdropped to learn more about what was raising such alarm. They learned what they could and headed off toward the best lead they had as the rest of the team appeared in the square and quickly followed behind. Walking down the moonlit street, a mob of people rushed by as you noticed a suspicious figure. Tru paid no mind to this however, and made his leave. You followed a trail leading through a passage out of the city into the wild as Tru bartered transportation out of the city. He soon was ambushed and fell victim to the night. Meanwhile, you all split once more, each covering different objectives in the woodland. Shashka and Amrahil fell into trouble, but Malik made it back in time to be of aid. What the heck is going on? What is alchemy? When will things begin to fall into place? Find out next time on another enticing episode of Campaign Jake!

Chapter 1: Comatose 5
Session 5
Chapter 1: Comatose 6
Session 6
Chapter 1: Comatose 7
Session 7
Chapter 1: Comatose 8
Session 8

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