The Seven Kingdoms of Jake

The kingdom of men, located on the western shore of Jake. Of all seven of Jake's kingdoms, Faern maintains the most regular contact with Mavotica and Oathhome, holding to an age-old tradition of friendship. Its territory spans far and wide, covering much of the western coast, fully stretching across the center of Jake to the eastern coast, and containing part of Desert Crexa. Faern borders Enebel, Kerrhia, and Desmar, making it the largest territory in Jake. It is recorded that Faern's settlements were of the first in Jake, spreading more quickly than any other, but it was the last kingdom in Jake to declare a first ruler. Of any kingdom, there is more information on Faern available to the rest of the world.



The kingdom of the elves, Enebel maintains little to no contact with outside civilizations. The elves reside deep within the heart of the jungle woodland known as Murthrid, providing refuge for any creature in need of healing or rest. Murthrid is the only true tropical region in Jake, claiming the largest forest in terms of area as well as vegetation, although, a similar forest stretches into Isle Lanawen of Ael. Enebel borders Faern and Kerrhia.



This southwestern isle is of the most mysterious places in Jake. Home to the Eladrin, a race of fey much like elves, Ael practices no trade nor efforts to remind their existence to others. The land is largely undocumented for only descriptions from eladrin have provided clues to its geography. There is known to be a grand grassland plain as well as a small mountain range, both of which are partially visible from the sea.



It is in Kerrhia that the dwarves dwell. An unforgiving region, Kerrhia is home to the tallest and deadliest mountains in the known world, the Silver Mountains. It is in these mountains that dwarves and men live in solitude, keeping to their own selfish endeavors. Kerrhian geography is comprised of the most interesting variety with a vast mountain range, temperate forest region, desert, and the only tundra in Jake, The Truqorf Expanse.



Desmar was once a prosperous kingdom the likes of Faern, but now grown bleak and dreary. Limited trade continues to come from Desmar, but on difficult terms. Men, hobbits, and unusual creatures inhabit its large territories, spanning from the northern coast to the east. Temperate forests, shimmering lakes, and badlands cover the land as well as a forgotten marshland so dense that entering is nearly impossible.



Resting in the southeast, is the great island of Easthaven. From great grass plains to towering forests of unruly scale, this is the home of orcs. There is no record of orc ever migrating from Oathhome, laying claim to theories of a quick and strange evolution from Jakeian fey. Easthaven maintains a regular sea trade route with outside civilizations, making it the second largest trade partner in Jake, behind Faern. 



A volcanic island chain resembling that of an oceanic caldera, but with a colossal volcano in the center. It is likely after previously becoming a caldera, the volcano reformed in the center and now rivals the size of the highest mountain peaks. Nested in the waters of the Boiling Tides, The Great Caldera was claimed and is ruled by a dwarf, but all matter of creatures call it their home. Trade holds steady here, but a fear of pirates plagues the sea routes, often tempting sailors to avoid the stop all together.



The Seven Kingdoms of Jake

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